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  fully computerized hydraulic operating table series
  operating table series
  anorectal operating table seriesent series
  gynecological bed series
  shadowless ent series
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  shadowless lamp
     our company was built in 2000, is located in located in lndustrial park career, professional production pf electric operating table, electric multi-function production bed, electric cervical bed, ophthalmic tables, chairs and other facial features over a hundred varieties of bed, cabinet, car series and bed series, all kinds of stainless equipment, product quality, reliable, and has passed iso9001:2000 quality system certification, market share, are sold throughout th...

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just the whole serie
dl-1001b electric pa
dl-1003a integrated
dl-1003c high stroke
dl-1035 pneumatic-ty
2、dl-y1002c brain su
dl-led 700/500 sha
dl-led 700/500 sha
dl-led 700/500 sha
dl-y1019 orthopaed
dl-y1017a electric-h
dl-1003c-1 ultra-hig
dl-1003a electric
dl-1024 new-1 ophtha
dl-1024 new-2 ophtha
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